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Atom Engineering was established in 2004 within CK Group Companies.Establishment purpose ; ideal production facilities with our engineering knowledge in order to eliminate the damages caused by Static Electricity and to supply antistatic materials to be used in the facilities , 
in 2010 , we opened the "Cleanroom Concumables" section in our company in order to support companies that make their production in the fields of "Cleanroom" in order to prevent the damages caused by dust in industrial companies where pharmaceutical, medical and optical products are produced and we furthered our service with the world's leading brands.We took to the top level 
in the same year with the "Electronic Manufacturing Machine" unit among the inventory products such as "DRY Cabinet,SMD Counting Machine,PCB Panelling Machine , Sterio Microscope " used by the electronics manufacturing sector.
Pysichs ,Electrical and Electronics engineer work each department , we serve Turkish industrial companies with high-level technical knowledge and strong stock.
We produce our antistatic and cleanroom textile product manufacturing, which we start in 2015 , with a wide range of products in line with the demands of our customers under the brand "NONSTAT" which we registered in 2018,and contribute to nationalization,which is the goal of our country.
We are able to respond to the demands of our customers in the fastest way possible with our    "" web address,which we opened end of 2019 and our site for requesting offers using artificial inteligence in digital marketing.
in 2020,our company has strenghened its goals,vision and its struggle to become a world brand in its business by obtaining ISO 9001:2005 and ISO 27001:2013 certificates.

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